Biggest Drug Bust in Fort Wayne

Matthew McChesney, a man arrested in March 2008, pled guilty in federal court last week to possession with the intent to distribute marijuana and carrying a firearm. McChesney was arrested in March of 2008 after police found six million dollars worth of marijuana in his rented home near Harlan.

The three tons of pot were found after a six month investigation by the FBI, the Allen County Drug Task Force, and the Allen County Sheriff’s Department. Along with the marijuana,  guns were found, including an AK-47.

Officers reported that not only was this the biggest drug bust in Allen County history, but it was also the biggest ever in Indiana. During a traffic stop, police found 12 pounds of pot, and 100,000 dollars in cash in the suspect’s car which lead them to search his home. McChesney will spend a minimum of ten years in prison and could pay a fine of up to 4.2 million dollars.

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